Coffee, tea and tobacco are the most well-known causes of stained teeth, but not many are aware that common food such as apples and potatoes can potentially discolour your teeth too. More often than not, poor dental hygiene is to blame for more cases of discoloured teeth, as pale-yellow plaque builds up to coat your teeth. Aging is also a common cause, as the outer layer of enamel on the teeth wears off with time to reveal the dentin layer beneath, which is naturally yellow. Other rarer causes of teeth discolouration include medication, genetics, excessive volumes of fluoride in toothpaste or drinking water, and dental trauma.

Stained teeth not only dampens self-esteem but can cause uneasiness in the people around you who perceived the discolouration as a lack of personal care and hygiene. We understand your concerns and therefore offers the best whitening products and technology to deliver the results you desire. We offer BlancOne and Philips Zoom whitening, which are the best in the industry that lighten your teeth without affecting the sensitivity of the teeth.


Made in Italy, BlancOne’s range of premium whitening solutions cater to different needs and preferences. There are in-clinic treatments that our dentists will administer, as well as home kits if you prefer to complement your in-clinic treatment for the best results. You can achieve your desired whitening effect in as quick as 10 minutes, which lasts for a year on average. BlancOne whitening treatments cost RM1,500 – RM2,000.

Philips Zoom Whitening 

You can choose to have Philips Zoom whitening solutions in-clinic or as a take-home treatment, similar to BlancOne. The in-clinic treatment takes 45 mins to whiten your teeth up to 8 shades whiter, while the home whitening option gradually whitens your teeth over 7 days. Both options come inclusive of post-treatment gel to guard sensitive teeth. Philips Zoom whitening treatments usually last for 3 months at a cost of RM400 – RM500.

The risks of DIY teeth whitening

These days, many seek to restore the natural colour of their teeth by undergoing teeth whitening procedures by turning to whitening toothpastes and DIY whitening kits. These kits are easily available especially with the wide reach of e-commerce platforms, and are cheaper than visiting a dentist to have the teeth professionally whitened.

If DIY whitening products are so easily and affordably purchased, why should you go to a dentist for take-home whitening treatment? Unlike unregulated self-purchased DIY whitening kits that has a one-size-fit-all teeth tray, we customise your teeth trays for your at-home whitening treatment, therefore ensuring an effective and safe whitening treatment. Our dentists also prescribe only treatments that are safe.

We at Natasha Beverly have seen their fair share of patients who come in after encountering these issues while attempting to whiten their teeth at home:

    • Uneven colour

If applying make-up is tricky, imagine how difficult it is to ensure that the whitening product is applied evenly on every tooth, without getting any onto the gums. Patients often walk in asking us to resolve the difference in shade of their teeth that they had whitened themselves using a teeth whitening tray or pen bought online. A worse scenario that could happen is gums peppered by white spots, caused by strong whitening agents that got onto the gums by accident.

    • Sensitive teeth

Hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient used in whitening products, even dentists likes ourselves use them. However, while we as trained medical practitioners monitor the levels used, consumers are not even aware of what are safe levels to even pay attention to the ingredients list of DIY whitening products. One of the most common complaints from patients who have done DIY teeth whitening is that their teeth hurt when they consume cold or sweet food. High levels of hydrogen peroxide can cause enamel erosion, and also burns and blisters to your gums, nerve damage and oral infections.

Sensitive teeth can also be caused by whitening toothpastes, which often contain abrasives that intend to scrape away stains. Unfortunately, these abrasives also erodes the enamel over time.

    • Poisoning

We are not usually aware of such cases until later, as patients who experience stomach pains would go to a clinic without any inkling that their discomfort could be attributed to the DIY whitening product that they had applied to their teeth a moment ago. Again, unregulated excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide and another common ingredient, sodium chlorite, can cause stomach and throat burns when accidentally ingested.

    • Impermanent results

DIY whitening products have limited effectiveness, as regulated manufacturers have to comply with the health and safety regulations on the amount of whitening agents that their products can contain as an over-the-counter product. As such, most DIY whitening effects are temporary and intended as a one-off treatment to look good for an upcoming event.

Teeth whitening, like any other oral health or medical procedure, is best left to trained practitioners who can deliver the most careful and effective treatment to you. Have peace of mind by not having to worry about uneven applications or painful teeth and gums. Make an appointment with our dentists for a consultation on the teeth whitening plan that works best for you.